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Tense 1

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Q : One who accepts pleasure and pain equally

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Q : Operation of the body after death.

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One who thinks or speaks too much of himself

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Q : The blossoming flowers and weakening the roots of our society (A)/ drug addiction (B) / which is eating away (C) / is the monster (D)

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Q : try to use the camera(A)/ carefully(B)/ before you(C)/ read the manual(D)

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Q : Bestowed with indifference (A)/ with kind words is much more (B)/ a small gift accompanied (C)/ acceptable than a large gift (D)

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Q : From the mountains (A)/ to see the gentle flow (B)/ of the river (C) / it is very pleasant (D)

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Q : coal as a fuel(A)/ in place of wood(B)/ during this period (C)/ people were beginning to use(D)

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Q : He was a versatile writer who (A)/ that are all considered the best in their spheres (B)/ Tagore was a poet before everything else but (C)/ wrote novels, dramas, essays, and short stories (D)

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Q : In the wintertime (A)/ the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (B) / would best be staged (C) / will not be held in June and July but (D)

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