International Flight Resume Latest News | Flights To The UAE Could Start Soon

International flights resume according to Airlines official thousands of Indian citizens with work permits and Residency visas have been wanting to go back to their jobs in Dubai but could not because of the travel restrictions.

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United Arab Emirates stop diplomate to India said on Wednesday that the west Asian country was in talks with India’s Minister of external affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation for soon starting flights to fairy Indian citizens with UAE residence visa for for work permits to places like Dubai Abu,Dhabi Sharjah etc.

Is there demand for flights from India to the UAE

According to the Airlines,officials,thousands of Indian citizen with work permits and Residency visas have been wanting to go back to their jobs in Dubai but could not because of the travel restrictions. “we have received thousands of requests from people saying if they do not return back to Dubai in time, they will be sicked from their jobs,” The official said “These people has arrived prior to the lockdown in March and have since been standard with her no option to fly back. This has created it pent-up demand and the people have been approaching governments of what country is to allow them to fly to the UAE.

What the requirements for Indian citizen to fly to the UAE?

According to the UAE’s Ambassador to India Ahmed Albanna countries allowing residency visa holders and tourists to now enter its borders given that the fulfill two conditions:, one they need to approval from the UAE Federal authority for identity and citizenship, which can be taken online. Two, They need to have a covid-19 PCR test done no more than 96 hours from the death of arrival into the UAE. However despite many ready to meet these stipulations there are are diplomatic bottleneck for people to fly back.

How soon after flight expected to begin from India to UAE?

The government is learnt to be in talks with several countries including the UAE, in addition to the US, France and Germany, to set up a travel corridors that would allow Airlines from countries or both the origin and the destination countries to carry passenger both ways. The UAE Ambassador said during a webinar ” we have been talking and consulting with the ministry of external affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation and hopefully very soon there will be some operation dedicated to those in the girls who are in India with valid residency and work permit, ICA approval and covid-19 PCR test to be able to travel from India into the UAE.

The government is considering starting international flights. Passengers whose test report will be negative will be allowed to board. The airport will also have on-arrival testing facility. Earlier there was a plan to resume international flights from July 15, but the government has now decided to collect more data and make a protocol for Surat after July 31.

What are the bottlenecks for Indian citizens wanting to fly the UAE?

The main bottlenecks is availability of means of transport. Earlier state owned airlines, Air India, and its subsidiary Air India Express were pulled off by the UAE authority for ferrying regular passengers from India to the UAE on flights meant to specify Indian citizens from the UAE to India. Following this the carries which were the soul operators of Vande Bharat mission at the time.

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