Rajasthan BSTC English Online Test Part- 5

Rajasthan BSTC English Mock Test 2023, BSTC English Online Test 2023
Rajasthan BSTC English Online Mock Test Series 2023, BSTC Model Test Paper 2023 . Rajasthan Pre BSTC Mock Test 2023 and Rajasthan Pre BSTC Online Free Test Series. Here we are going to provide all Free Rajasthan Pre BSTC English Subject Online Practice Test without any cost on this educational Portal. We have a lot of no. of Rajasthan Pre BSTC Exam Model Papers, Rajasthan Pre BSTC Sample Test 2023on this portal free of cost. So, all candidates are advised to bookmark this website by press CTR+D. Rajasthan Pre BSTC Mock Test 2023 BSTC Online Free Mock Test Series by CAKnowledge.com Rajasthan gk online test series in Hindi BSTC 2023 Online Practice Test based on previous years exam pattern and syllabus. BSTC Online Practice Sample paper.

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This paper has 10questions.

Time allowed is 30 minutes.

The Rajasthan BSTC English Online Mock Test 2023 , BSTC English Free Online Test Exam is Very helpful for all students. Now Scroll down below n click on “Start Quiz” or “Start Test” and Test yourself.


BSTC English Test-5

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One Word

A government that is carried on through officers

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One Word

One who eats everything

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Choose the mis-spelt word?

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Choose the mis-spelt word?

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The public are warned _____ pickpockets.

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The lion rushed _____ the rabbit.

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